During the first week of 2021, SmartR organized the “Time & Attention Management” workshop for DSV Solutions company with the certified trainer Thijs Van Loon. DSV is a Global Transport and Logistics company, they provide and manage supply chain solutions for thousands of companies every day. The workshop is part of six training courses customized for DSV.

Case Study Time Management x DSV
Case Study: Time and Attention Management by Thijs Van Loon for DSV

The world has been turning upside down recently since the breakout of the pandemic last year. Now let’s welcome 2021 with more preparation and motivation to drive forward.

SmartR together with our trainer Thijs Van Loon are honored to get to know Remco who is the CEO of DSV Vietnam. After being shared about the vision of the company as well as his expectation towards his employees, we did a Training Need Analysis session with the team to get to know what their challenges and the skills that they want to improve.

After all of that, we came up with suggesting 6 training courses that we want to bring value to the team. The very first one is Time & Attention Management.

The learning objective of this workshop is to develop their team to be able to effectively manage their daily workflow, reduce distraction and improve their productivity.

Let’s together look back on some moments in our training day about “Time & Attention Management” for the DSV team last Saturday. Although it was a full-day training on a Saturday, there were lots of exciting and wow-moments from the DSV team since they were introduced to methods that would help improve concentration, time management, and therefore better work performance. This is the workshop for everyone who struggles with arranging their daily tasks, planning for future goals, or having a hard time focusing on their work. The workshop was designed with lots of activities to help participants practice the strategies introduced and after they were given action sheets to keep track of their goals and the achieved results.

This workshop was the first step for more training courses for DSV management team in 2021. Right after the Vietnamese Tet holiday, we will be organizing the 2nd workshop about “Leadership Skills” and there are some slots open for public. Stay tuned! We will keep you updated!

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